Experiences beyond expectation, Nature beyond style

Cozy and Charming Stay

Wake up in the morning and open your door to be greeted by nature itself! With a cozy and comfort stay in farm house perfectly spaced and placed near Pune.

Relax in a Beautiful Nature

The beautiful and exciting natural setting at Girivan attracts everyone. You can take a walk in the forest just absorbing all the wonders nature has to offer you. Let the beautiful nature relax and feel better for you.

Enjoy Activities

Mulukh offers more than picturesque landscape and indulges you in fun outdoor activities and much more. So pack your bags and get ready for all new excitement in the farm!


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Hurda Party

Have fun and spread the joy with your near and dear ones in this amazing Hurda Party. You will really enjoy this Hurda party.


Have fun and spread the joy with your near and dear ones in the Campaign. You will really enjoy the Campaign.

One Day Picnic

Refreshing your mind is really necessary at all times. Plan a One Day Picnic with friends and family at Mulukh farm.

Enjoy Rural Activities

Here are some of our Activities

  • Swimming Pool Side

    Let your inner-child out for the day, get your hair wet and have fun! Pool games like poolside basketball, beach balls and mini pool balls are all crowd favorites, too. Or take a break from the water with lawn games like cornhole, badminton, Spikeball, bocce and more.

  • Rain Dance

    We offer our clients special Rain Dance facility where artificial rain is created for people to dance and enjoy. This rain dance event is highly popular amongst kids and is a frequently organized during the summer months. Guests get the feel of actual rain and opt for birthday parties, theme parties and other

  • Farm activities

    Imagine a beautiful farm which is peaceful and serene, which makes your mind clear and get rid from the busy schedules of your life. Fresh air, fresh vegetables, sizzling atmosphere....You will be longing to be here as soon as possible. This is what a 'Farm activities' will offer you. Simply talking, 'Farm activities' is something, which promotes tourism through agricultural activity.

  • Outdoor Activities

    Here at Mulukh Farm Agri Tourism, you can find the lovely and strict rustic existence of rural culture. Agri Tourism includes visiting a provincial homestead. You can appreciate bullock cart ride, tractor ride, jeep ride, camp fire, shooting, rain dance to give some examples. Here we give chance to urban individuals to return to the roots.

Here it is, the Mulukh, welcoming you with arms wide open. Mulukh, a familiar word from the term ‘Mulk’ which means one’s own country exudes a very patriotic vibe. Mulukh means homeland…a peaceful haven that’s filled with love and warmth for its people. A place you call HOME!

The Mulukh, sprawling over an expanse of 25 acres, offers a truly homely experience to its visitors. The lush greenery, the rural ambience and hospitality soothes one’s senses filling hearts with sheer joy. Easily accessible at just an hour’s drive from the bustling city of Pune, located 40kms from Pune – Nagar highway, Mulukh is the perfect destination for those who crave an exclusive rural life experience. A great and a picturesque place for one day picnics for families, schools and even corporates, Mulukh offers you a respite to calm your mind, body and spirit.