About The Mulukh

Revitalise yourself with the fresh air, sweet scent of the soil and a tranquil ambience at the Mulukh. This destination offers a myriad of activities that will give you an authentic rural living experience. A comfortable stay will help you relax yourself to the fullest. Along with activities like bullock cart rides, rain dance, camp fire etc., the most exciting part of your visit will be the delectable, pure rural Maharashtrian cuisine like non-veg food - Chuliwarche Chicken or vegetarian food like Pithla –Chuliwarchya Bhakri, Bharleli Wangi, Mataki, Taak etc. What better way to treat your taste buds with finger licking food!

Love the outdoors? Well, you can avail the facility of living in tents at the Mulukh. Invigorate your evenings with a camp fire near the tents, singing sweet melodies and enjoying with loved ones. Gaze at the clear sky with the carpet of twinkling stars floating above you. A pleasant retreat, this place is ideal for corporates where you can chill your minds and heels, relishing the stress free environment draped in greenery. Students will have a time of their school life with a one day picnic to the Mulukh with so many thrilling and enjoyable activities. Celebrate your family bonds with an eventful escapade to this blissful place. Mulukh also offers a perfect place for destination wedding with a large lush lawn.


Swimming Pool Side

Let your inner-child out for the day, get your hair wet and have fun! Pool games like poolside basketball, beach balls and mini pool balls are all crowd favorites, too. Or take a break from the water with lawn games like cornhole, badminton, Spikeball, bocce and more.


Campfire is a magical way of bringing people together, inviting them to laugh, sing, and tell secrets. The sparkling golden hues of the fire, the crackles of the wood popping, the bright constellations above, and the warmth of people gathered around a central focus… Kids and Ladies love campfires.

Rain Dance

We offer our clients special Rain Dance facility where artificial rain is created for people to dance and enjoy. This rain dance event is highly popular amongst kids and is a frequently organized during the summer months. Guests get the feel of actual rain and opt for birthday parties, theme parties and other.


Standard target archery rounds are a staple in archery, but it is also fun to break up your routine. There are a lot of fun and safe novelty games you can play in archery. They can be as simple as using a Tic-Tac-Toe target.
For example One of the simplest archery games and one of the most satisfying for all ages and skill levels is shooting balloons and Standard targets.

Farm activities

Imagine a beautiful farm which is peaceful and serene, which makes your mind clear and get rid from the busy schedules of your life. Fresh air, fresh vegetables, sizzling atmosphere....You will be longing to be here as soon as possible. This is what a 'Farm activities' will offer you. Simply talking, 'Farm activities' is something, which promotes tourism through agricultural activity.

Outdoor Activities

Here at Mulukh Farm Agri Tourism, you can find the lovely and strict rustic existence of rural culture. Agri Tourism includes visiting a provincial homestead. You can appreciate bullock cart ride, tractor ride, jeep ride, camp fire, shooting, rain dance to give some examples. Here we give chance to urban individuals to return to the roots.