Hurda Party Near Pune



In this winter season Mulukh Farm brings you Hurda Party. Hurda is made of tender Jowar roasted/barbecued in cow dung gowari. Hurda is served with garlic & coconut chutney.
Traditionally during Jawar harvesting season farmers used to call their family and friends to their farm to enjoy harvest season. Hurda used to be main attraction along with other fruits and vegetables. We at Mulukh Farm are trying to bring these rural harvest season to urban citizens, so that they can connect with culture and spend one day at farm and understand agricultural activities.
Food is important aspect of any culture and Agri-tourism is the place to provide authentic local food to the guests.

Package Details

Package Rs. 750 per person, Rs. 450 for kids (6 to 12 years)
Package Includes
Lunch Maharashtrian Menu Prepared on Chulha
Hurda Roasted tender Jowar, Peanuts, Sweetcorn, Chutneys, Tea

General facilities

  • Swimming pool
  • Breakfast & Meal
  • Parking

Looking for an exciting Hurda Party near Pune? Make your Hurda Party exciting and chilling experience with Mulukh Farm

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