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Educational tourism is one form of learning that has been an integral part of the education system in the western world for many years but is now rapidly gaining momentum in India as well.

Such an experience can act as a catalyst in the development of an interest for history and culture in the minds of the younger generation. Moreover, these rural excursions can support and enhance the knowledge pertaining to the country that is provided by the textbooks.

The students will get a chance to discover new landscapes and terrains, something that is impossible to achieve in an urban environment due to the monotonous jungles of concrete. The excursions will also allow the children to enjoy the pristine environment of the countryside and have a close encounter with the flora and fauna that they read about every day.Mulukh Farm Agritourism helps the students to learn about the farming techniques and agricultural practices that are common in rural India; nothing can beat a direct interaction with the farmers when it comes to expanding one’s knowledge about this subject.

Rural tourism is one initiative to dissolve these invisible boundaries that divide the students into cliques and to encourage them to respect people who have a drastically different lifestyle compared to theirs.

Mulukh Farm one of the best school trip destinations because they not only offer a deeper knowledge of the classroom subjects but also play a role in grooming the personalities of the students. Therefore, making rural excursions a compulsory part of the curriculum is a great way to encourage the students to connect with different cultures and traditions and to learn while having fun.

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